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Core Greens

ProArgi9 Plus


Welcome to Mistica Synergy
Mistica is packed with tropical goodness from many different exotic fruits! Please feel free to browse or website to find out more informationa about Mistica and about the benefits of Mistica.
Health Benefits
Mistica helps guard against free radical damage and that is one of the most important step we can take to protect our health. Free radicals attack our cells thousands of time a day, weakening the body and contributing to the aging process. With Mistica's unique combination of antioxidants, anthocyanins, and essential fatty acids, Mistica helps fight free radicals better than any other fruit blend supplement on the market.
Packed with tropical goodness, Mistica by Synergy tastes great and provides your bodily systems with a dazzling array of health-enhancing properties. Unlike other fruit blends, Mistica contains no caffeine, added sugar, or other harmful substances. Once you try it, you'll agree that Mistica gives you the combination of nutrients you need for successful living any time of the day.
Also, discover the great benefits of Synergy's other vital nutritional products.
mistica testimonial
"I love Mistica! I drink just a single ounce of this magical potion every morning after rolling out of bed, and in just minutes I can feel the power of all the yummy berries going to work in my body! I have so much more energy, it's amazing! I highly recommend Mistica in your daily round!"
- Kimberely  Britton
proargi9 mistica core greens
Synergy V3 Combination All New!
Try out all new Synergy V3, to help build, boost, and circulate your body! With this refreshing combination, your body will be at it's optimal performance. Build up muscle and promote weight loss with Pro Argi 9 plus.....boost your energy with Synergy Mistica...and help circulate your body and get the greens you need with Core Greens! Receive all 3 products today with one flat shipping cost.

2 Bottle Mistica Madness! On Sale

Two Bottles: $75.00

Synergy's Mistica captures amystical energy in an exotic fruit blend that tastes ...

Sale Price: $78.00
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Core Greens On Sale
Only $49.95! - (MSRP $53.00)

Combination Includes:

All the Greens You Need! Core greens helps give your body the fruits and vegetables it needs.

Sale Price: $46.80


Pro Argi 9 Plus
One Can Only $79.95 - $10 off MSRP

Comes in Citrus Berry or Mixed Berry Flavor

Oneserving contains 5,000 mg (5grams) of elemental pharmaceutical gradel-arginine. Often referred toas the “miracle molecule,” l-arginine haspotent health-enhancingproperties.


Synergy V3 Combination Pack On Sale
All New! - For one low price of $195.00 (save almost $40.00 off msrp)

Combination Pack Includes:
1 Can of Pro Argi 9 Plus
2 Bottles of Mistica
1 Can of Core Greens
Sale Price: $195.00

Protects and purifies your internal systems with over 90 nutrients 
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ProArgi9 Plus Serving Packs
Where you want it, when you want it. Each convenient single serving packet contains 5,000 mg (5 grams) of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine and lets you share the benefits with others or take ProArgi-9 on the go, ensuring you’ll never miss your daily dose. 
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Core Greens Capsules
Core Greens capsules provide an easy and convenient way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Take the capsules with one liter of water and you’ll feel fresh, invigorated, and hydrated. 
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Liquid Chlorophyll
Cardiovascular support
Blood cleansing
Immune enhancement
Increased intestinal health
Overall increased sense of well-being
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Synergy Mistica is packed with tropical goodness. Mistica has a great flavor and
will provide your bodily system with a wide varietly ofhealth-enhancing properties.
IncludingMistica in your diet may help to enhance your vitality and bodily needs.
Misitca is the nectar of the gods! Give Mistica 2-pack a try today to see whatit
can do for your health!

Email us at: info@misticasynergy.com

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