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mistica testimonial
Mistica Testimonials and Reviews
"When I started taking Mistica, I really noticed a difference! I have more energy and I feel refreshed in the morning. I know it is the Mistica that is making me feel better because that is the only thing I'm doing differently. Plus, the taste of Mistica is fantastic. Thank you for providiong such a wonderful product!"
- Linda Lutz
"It is so nice to have a whole food liquid supplement! I have noticed immediate and sustained energy levels, particulary with my hormones balancing. I have also noticed it helping me stay regular. Unlike other products that have sweetners in them, it doesn't coat my throat or have any funny aftertaste. I am so excited to share this product with others, and see what it does for them! Thanks to all who helped create and combine this delicious and powerful drink!"
- Kelly Noftsger
"Since I purchased Mistica at the Synergy convention, I started taking the product in the morning. There days after that, I noticed that I had more energy, my skin wasnicer, and I felt my stomach was cleansed. When I got back to New Jersey, I changed the time I took Mistica to after dinner. The good thing about this is that I began to have a regular/normal time going to the bathroom. Thank Goodness for Mistica and the poeple who formulated the product. And thank Goodness for Synergy Worldwide!"
- Alita Villorente
"We love Mistica! Our family starts the day with it and my 3-year old son always asks for more. How's that for taste?! We can't keep enough in the house. Thanks for another flagship product Synergy!"
- Jason Domingo
"I love Mistica! I drink just a single ounce of this magical potion every morning after rolling out of bed, and in just minutes I can feel the power of all the yummy berries going to work in my body! I have so much more energy, it's amazing! I highly recommend Mistica in your daily round!"
- Kimberely  Britton
"I started Mistica on a Friday. I started taking 2 ounces twice a day, and by Saturday, I noticed definite improvements. What a blessing this product has been to me! Now I only take 1 ounce twice a day. Thank you for this wonderful product."
- Dan Hammer
"I bought a bottle of Mistica at the Synergy convention in Las Vegas. When I got home, I took my daily dose. I must say, by the second day there was a marked improvement in my overall wellness. It also helped my digestive system in how it regulated and controlled these natural functions."
- Cheryl Grosser

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